For all your complicated needs

We advise on all types of business queries but especially in ICT areas. 

We do consultancy work for both small and large SME who have no internal ICT expertise. They are depending on advice from their ICT providers. Sometimes it is worth having somebody that is independent review what the providers are advising on just to see is it the best fit for you business. 




Is it the right website for you business. what technology is been used. Is it been set up correctly. Are you getting value for money. 

IT Hardware

Are you getting good advice for replacing and installing new hardware.  Has new technologies replaced old technology that your current provider has not trained in so does not want to implement it for you. Do you need a new server when you actually just need to move your email and data online. 

Software & Applications

Do you need to upgrade you software. Accounts, main line of business applications, CRM, ERP’s etc. Do you keep on going with your old solution or do you look at the market and get independent advice as to what is out there. This is where we excell at. 

PHone Systems

Are you still using ISDN analog systems. Do you need to install a new IP phone system. Which one to use ? We can help you decide. 

Need help with business queries. We are experts!