We provide a wide range of ICT Services​

How can we help you?​

Independent ICT Solution advisor that help your solve your ICT Business Need

Website Design​ & Build

Help you decide what you need as a solution before you engage providers.


Work with you as an independent ICT advisor to help you get your solution defined and then get it built.


Help you with business transformation to streamline your business.

Business Idea

Have a business idea but not sure where to go to get your idea built from a ICT point of view.

IT Solutions

Are you just starting or running a business and need ICT advice and don’t know where to go to or who to buy from.

Help & Support​​​

Ongoing Senior ICT help and support for your ICT needs. Instead of having your own in house Senior IT expert, use us instead.

Our Customers​

Our customers usually come from three different areas.

Start UP’s

Simple, you are a start up and need some ICT advice on what to buy, what ICT, websites solutions etc should cost you to get up and running. eg. Are you paying €3k for a website when one at €500 euro will do exactly the same thing.

Established Businesses

A lot of businesses need help with ICT solutions when they get to a certain size. They could do with an IT Manager but are not just big enough yet to be able to hire one. So we can step into that role in the company and become their IT manager to advise them on their IT needs and strategy.

Business Ideas

A lot of clients comes to us with business ideas. Eg. Could I build a website to do this. Could I build an app to fix this problem I am having and then sell it. We will work with you to get put those ideas into a proper business structure and build out an MVP if that is is what is needed to test the market first.

“Great solution”​

We used Cathal to help us change our Service delivery application. He worked with us with 6 different providers to get us the solution that we needed to deliver the best customer experience.

Sally Murtagh

CEO, Irish Homecare

Would you like to start a project with us?​

We are easy to work with, are very transparent and offer advice that gets you up an running quickly. If for some reason we cannot help you we will tell you and put you in contact with someone who can help you.